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Texas driver insurance database hits one-year mark

The TexasSure database of 21 million vehicles and driver insurance information recently passed the one-year mark in Texas, where public safety officials hope the system will help cut down on the state's estimated 4 million uninsured drivers.

The database, which is refreshed weekly, can be used by state police at traffic stops to check a vehicle's registration for driver insurance. Driving without liability insurance in Texas can result in a fine of up to $350. Repeat offenders also are subject to a two-year license suspension.

More than 30 other states have some type of driver insurance verification program, according to the Texas Department of Insurance.

Wyoming's driver insurance verification system went live on June 1st, allowing state police troopers to instantly verify insurance whenever they check a license plate during a traffic stop.

Several states are working to get their motor vehicle insurance verification systems online, but the systems require coordination of databases from insurance companies operating in the state.

Authorities in Oklahoma are working to establish such a database for law enforcement there.

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