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Taking online courses for discount auto insurance

New Yorkers looking for discount auto insurance should consider taking an approved online driver education course for a 10 percent break on their premium. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has approved a number of new online course providers.

Kermitt J. Brooks, the acting insurance superintendent in New York, said accident prevention courses help lead to safer roads and lower insurance costs for everyone. Offering discount auto insurance for those who successfully complete these courses is an incentive for better drivers.

"The goal of expanding the classroom-based program to include [online courses] is ultimately to educate more drivers and to reduce the number of crashes in New York caused by unsafe driving habits," said DMV Commissioner David J. Swarts.

One approved online course offered in the state uses humorous, YouTube-style video clips that are supported by text and graphics to teach users about basic traffic laws and DUI and seat belt use.

Upon completion of an approved online course, students receive a certificate by mail that can be submitted to their insurance company for the mandatory 10 percent discount auto insurance rate, which is good for three years.

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