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Safest driving cities get the best car insurance rate

A study of accident rates in 200 of the largest cities by a major auto insurance company has found that Sioux Falls, North Dakota ranks as the safest driving city in the country. Not surprisingly, drivers there get one of the best car insurance rates in the country as well.

Drivers from Sioux Falls have kept the title of the safest driving city for four consecutive years, the insurance company said. Collisions in that city are more than 26 percent less likely than the national average. A driver in Sioux Falls goes an average of 13.5 years between collisions.

Other cities ranked in the top ten are Fort Collins, Colorado; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Although collisions are often the result of distracted drivers, a majority of lethal accidents in the country are caused by poor road conditions, according to a recent study by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.

That means that drivers have to be attentive not only of other vehicles, but the conditions of the road in order to be safe.

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