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Ranking lists most expensive cars for auto insurance

The Nissan GT-R, a sleek sports car rated "Automobile of the Year" by Automobile Magazine, also wins the top spot for most expensive auto insurance, according to a new report.

In fact, four of the top five most expensive cars to insure and 13 of the top 20 were sports cars, the latest ranking report shows.

The report, from an auto insurance information website, ranked almost 300 vehicles in model year 2009 based on an average of annual premiums from different insurance companies. The average rate for the Nissan GT-R was $2,533.

Following close behind the GT-R were the Dodge Viper (an average premium of $2,446), the BMW M6 ($2,236) and the Ford Shelby GT500 ($2,186).

By comparison, most of the least expensive vehicles to insure from the 2009 models were minivans, station wagons or mid-sized SUVs.

Insurance companies typically base premiums on factors such as a driver's individual record, but they also consider car models. Unfortunately, speedy sports cars like the GT-R may be more likely to be involved in speeding accidents than mom's minivan.

According to AAA's recent study of aggressive driving behaviors, nearly one of every three fatal crashes over the period studied involved a driver who was reported to have been driving too fast.

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