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Protect against theft to lower your car insurance premium

Insurance companies like to reward drivers who take good care themselves while driving and of their vehicles when they're not. It makes sense that vehicles with anti-theft devices are eligible for a lower car insurance premium.

Some anti-theft devices that use GPS technology can produce surprising results. Recently, a vehicle owner who reported his truck stolen had his vehicle recovered within minutes because of a GPS tracking device that notified the local sheriff's office.

Although you can get a lower car insurance premium with an anti-theft device, you still have to opt for comprehensive coverage to have theft covered. Comprehensive coverage also covers losses from vandalism, weather or fire.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, car insurance premiums are impacted by the likelihood that a car will be stolen, depending on the make, model and year and where the car is parked overnight.

Theft experts say drivers can take some common-sense measures to reduce the likelihood of having their car stolen. Even though it's tempting to keep your windows down in the hot weather, this is an invitation to car thieves.

You can also protect your vehicle from being started by a thief by having a mechanic install a concealed kill-switch.

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