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One in four drivers reports texting while driving

In what could provide fodder for state legislators looking to ban cell phone use by drivers, a new survey has found that more than one in four drivers - 26 percent - reports having sent text messages while driving.

Some high profile accidents caused by people driving while texting (DWT), including an incident this month in which a trolley operator in Boston crashed into another trolley while sending text messages, have shown the spotlight on the dangers associated with this behavior.

And most people agree that DWT should be banned - 83 percent of people in the survey said sending text messages while driving should be illegal, according to the survey conducted by Vlingo Corporation.

Drivers in Tennessee are the worst offenders, with 42 percent admitting to DWT, while Arizona has the lowest percentage of people saying they have done it at 18.8 percent, Vlingo said.

Among younger drivers - who already pay higher auto insurance premiums due to an increased risk of accidents - nearly half, or 49 percent, said they have committed DWT.

Seven states and Washington, DC have banned DWT. However, whether a state has a law banning DWT does not seem to correlate to less DWT activity, Vlingo said.

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