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Oklahoma begins using auto insurance verification system

Oklahoma police departments have begun rolling out a computerized system to instantly verify if a driver has auto insurance. The electronic insurance verification system is designed to crack down on uninsured drivers in the state and should be fully deployed within the next few months, according to the Oklahoman.

Police will be able to use the system to verify if a driver has auto insurance at vehicle stops, when the officer runs a computerized check on the vehicle license plate.

According to the Oklahoma Insurance Department, about 25 percent of Oklahoma motorists are uninsured.

David Beatty, the project manager for the verification system at the state public safety department, said the system would have been available sooner, but the state has struggled to get insurance carriers on board with the system.

"We're very close," Beatty said, according to the Oklahoman. "We were ready last July. Getting the insurance companies on board has been the real struggle."

The department wants to have access to all state auto insurance policy information to ensure law officers have accurate information when they run vehicle tag checks on motorists.

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