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New York ranks last in driver knowledge, survey says

In a national survey of driver knowledge, New Yorkers ranked last for the third time in five years, while more than 20 percent of licensed drivers in the U.S. would fail a driving test if taken today, according to a major auto insurance company.

Overall, the survey indicates the number of drivers with knowledge of basic road rules decreased from last year, with this average test score declining to 76.6 percent from 78.1 percent, the auto insurance company reported.

The survey could help explain why auto insurance rates vary from state-to-state and across different regions, age groups and by gender.

Drivers in the Northeast had the lowest average scores in the survey, while drivers from states in the Midwest had the highest. Idaho and Wisconsin drivers tied for first in the nation, with an average test score of 80.6 percent.

Men are more likely to pass the test than women, although the gap in test knowledge was significantly smaller in 2009 than last year, the survey found.

Drivers in the youngest age bracket, 18-24, were most likely to fail the test, according to the survey.

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