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New Jersey drivers could see fee hikes

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) has proposed a number of increases on fees for things like motorcycle registration and driver improvement courses.

In addition to the already costly New Jersey auto insurance rates, drivers will face hikes in administrative fees because the state MVC is facing budgetary problems, the Associated Press reported. The MVC's board will examine the proposed fee increases at its meeting scheduled for May 26.

The MVC said the fee hikes could bring in up to $60 million a year and many of the fees haven't had an increase in years. The motorcycle registration fee, which would go up from $100 to $150, hasn't increased since 1968, the Associated Press reported.

At a New Jersey Assembly budget hearing last week, Anne Harrington, the MVC's chief administrator, said the proposed fee increases still might not cover the agency's needs because the agency's revenues are distributed to other state programs such as the state police.

Last year the MVC took in $1.1 billion in fees and fines, but under state law only 37 percent of it went into MVC accounts, according to the news source.

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