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May 2009 Auto Insurance News

Phoenix auto theft crackdown showing 5-31-09
Phoenix dropped from 8th in the nation in car thefts in 2007 to 19th place last year, leading local authorities to credit new technologies such as license plate readers with the drop in crime.

Insurance advice: Compare auto insurance rates to save 5-31-09
Some consumers are contemplating cutting back their coverage or dropping their auto insurance coverage all together in these tough times.

Uninsured drivers on the rise in Ohio 5-30-09
The recession has caused a spike in uninsured drivers in Ohio, where unemployment has risen to nearly 10 percent and as high as 15 percent in some counties.

Insurance tips: How to get auto insurance discounts 5-30-09
Drivers who may be looking for ways to save on their auto insurance premiums have plenty of options, if they take the time to scout out some policy options and take steps to improve their driving.

Auto insurance: Michigan supreme court to decide on credit scoring 5-29-09
The Michigan state supreme court will decide whether the state may ban the use of credit-based insurance scoring in underwriting in October, in a case that could have broad implications for auto insurance carriers.

Simple ways to save on auto insurance 5-29-09
Smart consumers are looking at their budgets carefully right now, as unemployment rises and economic security looks shaky.

AAA: 60 percent of drivers admit road rage 5-28-09
Road rage is a persistent problem that affects 60 percent of drivers, according to a 2008 survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. More than half of fatal car crashes involve some form of aggressive driving - speeding, running another driver off the road, tailgating or yelling obscenities - according to AAA.

Cash-for-clunkers law could boost sales of fuel-efficient cars 5-28-09
A law recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would provide cash vouchers to consumers who trade in their old gas-guzzling cars and trucks that can go toward the purchase of a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

California's driving laws could help auto insurance rates 5-27-09
California's traffic safety laws have helped lower traffic fatalities, which could help drivers in the state to see lower auto insurance premiums.

New York ranks last in driver knowledge, survey says 5-26-09
In a national survey of driver knowledge, New Yorkers ranked last for the third time in five years, while more than 20 percent of licensed drivers in the U.S. would fail a driving test if taken today, according to a major auto insurance company.

Three in California charged with auto insurance fraud 5-26-09
Three people from Fresno have been charged with felony auto insurance fraud in two separate criminal cases involving the false reporting of claims for big rigs. California insurance commissioner Steve Poizner announced the charges today, although the individuals were arrested earlier this month.

One in four drivers reports texting while driving 5-26-09
In what could provide fodder for state legislators looking to ban cell phone use by drivers, a new survey has found that more than one in four drivers - 26 percent - reports having sent text messages while driving.

Three charged in San Diego car insurance fraud 5-25-09
Three fraud suspects were arraigned in San Diego County this week, charged with felony auto insurance fraud and conspiracy.

Texas car thefts drop, burglaries rise 5-24-09
Auto thefts have dropped dramatically in Texas, but the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) is warning car owners not to let down their guard - burglaries of automobiles are on the rise.

Auto insurers use databases to look at past driving record 5-23-09
If you have a poor driving record of accidents or moving violations, you can expect to pay more for your auto insurance premium. Insurers look at your driving record when they set your premium.

Pay-as-you-go car insurance may require monitoring 5-22-09
Auto insurance companies are beginning to offer a new pay-as-you-go option that could save consumers money on their premiums for driving fewer miles. But they may have to allow insurers to monitor their driving with special devices to get the savings.

Drive Nice Day encouraging safe driving in Washington 5-21-09
Seattle and Tacoma, Washington competed Thursday to see which city has the nicest drivers in the Drive Nice City Challenge. Yesterday was Drive Nice Day in Washington State, which officially recognizes the day on May 21st.

Minnesota passes safety belt law 5-20-09
Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty on Thursday signed the Kathryn Swanson Seat Belt Safety Act, in honor of the former state highway safety director. The new law takes effect on June 9th.

Illinois considers prison sentences for uninsured drivers 5-19-09
An Illinois law approved by the state senate would impose stiff penalties -- up to a year in jail -- for uninsured drivers who cause an accident.

New York approves online safe driver course 5-17-09
New York state has approved an online safe driver course called the Improv Aware Driver Course, allowing New Yorkers to qualify for a mandatory 10 percent three-year auto insurance discount and receive a four point reduction on their driving record.

Florida auto insurance panel declines rule on surcharges 5-16-09
A Florida panel that oversees rules for auto insurance regulations declined last week to block insurance companies from seeking surcharges on new customers for accidents they didn't cause.

Undercover agents bust gang for car thefts, auto insurance fraud 5-15-09
An undercover operation by multiple law enforcement agencies led to the arrest of 52 people in Santa Cruz, California suspected in gang-related crimes including car theft and auto insurance fraud.

Insurance company offers pay-as-you-go car insurance 5-14-09
A Dallas-based auto insurance company announced it has become the first in the country specifically licensed to sell per-mile auto insurance.

Study finds two-thirds of child booster seats not used correctly 5-13-09
Good drivers know that using a safety belt can save a life in the event of an accident, but a new study has found an alarmingly high rate of people who don't know how to properly protect their child passengers with proper use of booster seats.

Auto insurer offers free child seat inspections 5-12-09
This month a major auto insurance company is hosting free child seat inspections at multiple locations across Texas.

Couple guilty in $1.2m auto insurance scam 5-10-2009
Two owners of a Redwood, California auto body repair shop pleaded no contest on Monday to defrauding car owners and auto insurance companies out of $1.2 million in false insurance claims.

Texas officials see rise in auto insurance fraud 5-10-2009
Police officers in Texas say they are encountering more cases of potential auto insurance fraud in the current recession.

Ohio woman who filed false claim found guilty 5-10-2009
An Ohio woman was sentenced to two years of probation for attempting to defraud her car insurance company by filing false claims.

California court orders insurance company to disclose surcharges: 5-04-2009
A California appeals court has ordered an auto insurance company to disclose which of its customers it surcharged due to their lack of prior continuous auto insurance coverage.

Oklahoma begins using auto insurance verification system: 5-04-2009
Oklahoma police departments have begun rolling out a computerized system to instantly verify if a driver has auto insurance. The electronic insurance verification system is designed to crack down on uninsured drivers in the state and should be fully deployed within the next few months, according to the Oklahoman.

New Jersey drivers could see fee hikes: 5-04-2009
The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) has proposed a number of increases on fees for things like motorcycle registration and driver improvement courses.

Recession has Americans shopping for cheaper auto insurance: 5-01-2009
Americans pinched by job losses and other economic constraints in the current recession have been looking for ways to save on auto insurance, according to a new study.

Report: Chrysler will declare bankruptcy: 5-01-2009
U.S. automaker Chrysler appeared headed toward declaring bankruptcy on Thursday, according to a report in the New York Times.

Congress will hold hearings on federal insurance regulation: 5-01-2009
Barney Frank, the chairman of the House financial services committee, said this week that he plans to introduce legislation that may include federal oversight of the insurance industry.

Insurers make case for credit scoring: 5-01-2009
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) continued to debate the pros and cons of using consumer credit scores to determine premiums for coverage yesterday, at a committee hearing before the body's market regulation and consumer affairs committee.

Residents paying too much for Illinois auto insurance, survey says: 5-01-2009
A survey by an Illinois-based auto insurance company found that more than 50 percent of Illinoisans do not know what an insurance deductible is. Low deductibles on vehicle insurance may be costing Illinoisans more money.

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