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June 2009 Auto Insurance News

Death caused by elderly driver puts focus on state's auto policy 6-30-09
A rash of accidents involving elderly drivers in Massachusetts has brought focus on the state's auto policy regarding driver testing.

Cities with most road rage also have high car insurance premiums 6-29-09
Road rage symptoms such as driving too fast and cutting other drivers off can cause accidents, so it's not surprising that cities with the most road rage are also places with some of the most expensive car insurance premiums.

Owners of foreign-made cars may need car repair insurance 6-28-09
The cost of repairing vehicles from Asian manufacturers averaged about $75 more in the first quarter of 2009 than for domestic vehicles, according to an analysis from Audatex North America.

Loan delinquencies spiked as car insurance premiums rose 6-27-09
The number of people who were delinquent on their car loan in the first quarter was more than 27 percent higher in 2009 than the same period last year, according to a report from TransUnion.com.

Mass. may ban cell phone use for drivers, car insurance premiums could drop 6-25-09
State lawmakers in Massachusetts are considering several proposals to ban the use of cell phones by some drivers, following in the steps of other states that have abolished cell phones for junior operators and texting for all drivers.

GM bankruptcy won't affect car repair insurance 6-24-09
Companies selling a type of car repair insurance called extended service contracts will continue to honor the contracts on cars from General Motors, including for vehicles that will no longer be made by the company.

Anti-theft group warns of rising fraud in car insurance claims 6-23-09
The Connecticut legislature ended its 2009 session without taking action on a bill that would have banned the use of credit scoring by insurance companies. Insurance industry groups said credit scores provide accurate risk assessments for determining car insurance premiums.

Law banning credit scoring for car insurance premiums dies in session 6-22-09
The Connecticut legislature ended its 2009 session without taking action on a bill that would have banned the use of credit scoring by insurance companies. Insurance industry groups said credit scores provide accurate risk assessments for determining car insurance premiums.

Teen driver courses could lead to discount auto insurance 6-21-09
Parents looking for discount auto insurance for their teens might consider having them enroll in a safe driver course. Teens are notoriously expensive to insure because of a higher rate of accidents.

As more consumers buy used, they may need car repair insurance 6-20-09
The state of the economy has been a big drag on the auto manufacturers, as more Americans drive their cars longer or buy used cars instead of new ones. As drivers rack up the miles on older vehicles, experts say they may want to consider car repair insurance.

Seat belt laws save lives, help lower car insurance premiums 6-19-09
Minnesota's law making seat belt violations a primary offense for which police can pull over and ticket drivers went into effect on Tuesday, making it the 29th state to enact a primary seat belt law. Supporters said seat belt laws save lives and can reduce health and car insurance premiums.

Good tires save money with auto insurance discount 6-18-09
Drivers who rarely think about their tires may want to think about their wallets. Properly inflated tires can save drivers on gas, and residents in northern state who buy snow tires can qualify for auto insurance discount rates.

Colorado now offers safe-driver discount auto insurance 6-17-09
Drivers in Colorado can now sign up for discount auto insurance through a pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) program that charges premium rates based on safe driving behaviors.

Massachusetts considering auto policy to retest senior drivers 6-16-09
Massachusetts lawmakers are considering legislation that would change the state's auto policy to require drivers over the age of 85 to pass a road test and eye exam every five years to renew their driver's license, according to the Boston Globe.

Louisiana could repeal helmet law for bikers with liability coverage 6-15-09
A bill passed by the Louisiana House of Representatives would repeal the state's helmet requirement for motorcyclists who have health insurance and at least $100,000 in liability coverage.

Florida tightens safety belt laws 6-14-09
Safety belt laws in Florida were tightened up today in a move that advocates say will save lives and millions of dollars in health care and auto insurance costs.

More U.S. consumers going online for auto insurance quotes 6-13-09
The trend seems clear: more motorists than ever are scouring the internet for information on the best auto insurance deals.

Proposed Michigan helmet repeal could raise auto insurance 6-12-09
Repealing the law which mandates helmet wearing for motorcyclists in Michigan would lead to additional road deaths and injuries - as well as increasing auto insurance and health-related costs.

Auto insurance fraud rises as economy tanks 6-11-09
The number of questionable claims related to possible cases of auto insurance fraud rose dramatically in the past year as the economy continued to tank, according to recent data.

Look carefully at auto coverage before falling prey to scammers 6-10-09
Drivers should look carefully at the fine print of their auto coverage before handing over sensitive details to apparent industry traders warning that their vehicle warranty is about to expire or offering discount deals on new cars.

Consumers increasingly use internet for auto insurance quotes 6-9-09
The internet is the first port of call for web-savvy consumers shopping for the best auto insurance deals.

Check out auto insurance coverage for car rentals 6-8-09
With the summer driving and vacation season just around the corner, motorists thinking about renting a car while away from home will want to be sure they take out the appropriate level of auto insurance.

Americans unmoved by plight of U.S. automakers 6-7-09
The tight economy has put American consumers in a mood for savings - and the struggling U.S. auto industry is not going to win over converts just because of where the cars are built.

Teenage distractions can drive up auto insurance premium rates 6-6-09
With so many increasingly distracted by cell phones and MP3 players, teens remain some of the riskiest drivers on the road with the highest auto insurance premiums.

Accident scene information can speed up car insurance claims 6-6-09
A car accident is a stressful situation for most drivers. Even a minor fender-bender can be infuriating. But keeping one's wits - and taking the right steps - can reduce stress in the long run and speed up the car insurance claims process.

In-vehicle monitoring may provide auto insurance discount rates 6-6-09
New high-tech devices are increasingly popular features in new model vehicles, from onboard navigation systems to wireless connectivity. These new technologies could help consumers receive auto insurance discount rates.

Car insurance premiums up 12 percent from last year 6-5-09
Average car insurance premiums are up by almost 12 percent from a year ago, although some consumers are faring much better than others.

Car insurance tips: Don't risk canceling coverage 6-5-09
In the current economy, when consumers are looking for savings wherever they can find them, car owners should seek car insurance tips from an insurance professional before deciding to drop their coverage.

Top auto insurance companies urge adoption of teen driving law 6-4-09
A coalition of safety advocates, auto manufacturers and top auto insurance companies urged Congress to pass legislation establishing minimum standards for state graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws.

Auto insurance rates at lowest level in 12 months 6-4-09
The average annual auto insurance premium last month was the lowest in more than a year, at $1,871. The average annual rate for auto insurance had reached as high as $1,950 in September of last year, according to an insurance company report.

Auto insurance rates to rise 4 percent 6-4-09
The going rate for a typical auto insurance policy nationwide will increase by 4 percent to $875 this year, as insurance companies struggle to win back huge losses on Wall Street.

Auto insurers adding pet coverage to policies 6-4-09
Consumer demands have been changing the products industries offer, even in the auto insurance business. Several major insurance companies are now offering coverage for pets on auto insurance policies.

Teen drivers in four times more crashes 6-4-09
A study released Thursday by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says teen drivers aged 16-19 years old delete are four times as likely to be involved in fatal crashes than older drivers.

New York auto insurance fee confuses insurers 6-3-09
The New York State Insurance Department issued a bulletin to remind auto insurers in the state that a new law requires auto insurance carriers to collect a $10 annual fee for each policyholder.

Commercial auto insurance rates decline as personal auto rates rise 6-3-09
Personal auto insurance rates and the rates for commercial auto insurance seem to be going in different directions.

Mass. auto insurance reform brings competition 6-2-09
Massachusetts has increased funding for a program that provides recipients of public assistance with a car and state-paid auto insurance and AAA coverage.

Mass. auto insurance reform brings competition 6-2-09
Massachusetts has increased funding for a program that provides recipients of public assistance with a car and state-paid auto insurance and AAA coverage.

Mother and son arrested for auto insurance fraud 6-2-09
California insurance commissioner Steve Poizner announced that three people, including a mother and son, have been arrested and charged with auto insurance fraud and vehicle arson.

Florida insurance fraud ring busted 6-1-09
Seven people have been arrested in Florida in connection with an insurance fraud scheme that hit insurance companies with $60,000 in false claims, according to the state's division of insurance fraud.

Hawaii bill would expand insurance fraud unit 6-1-09
The Hawaii senate has passed a bill that would expand the state's insurance fraud unit to include all types of insurance, not just auto insurance as under current law.

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