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Drive Nice Day encouraging safe driving in Washington

Seattle and Tacoma, Washington competed Thursday to see which city has the nicest drivers in the Drive Nice City Challenge. Yesterday was Drive Nice Day in Washington State, which officially recognizes the day on May 21st.

The state, in partnership with a major auto insurance company and a state driving school, created the day of awareness to encourage safe and responsible driving in Washington, asking drivers to help make it a collision-free day.

Drive Nice Day was founded in 2007 by SWERVE Driver Training, a Redmond-based driving school, to encourage Washington drivers to take more responsibility behind the wheel, the company said.

Since 2007, Drive Nice Day has grown into a statewide effort with the support of the Washington Department of Licensing, Washington Traffic Safety Commission and Washington State Patrol.

Observation teams at busy intersections in each city scored driving behaviors for the Drive Nice City Challenge. Drivers were marked down for "not nice" driving such as speeding, following too closely and talking on handheld cell phones.

The city with the fewest instances of not nice driving will receive a $10,000 grant from the insurance company. Seattle won the 2008 challenge by a narrow margin.

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