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Discount auto insurance is a safer bet than insurance fraud

Drivers who are looking to save costs in the current economy may be tempted to drop their insurance coverage, or worse, abandon their vehicle in hopes of scoring a fraudulent payout from their insurer.

But insurance companies do provide discount auto insurance; and there are ways to save on insurance premiums that won't get drivers in trouble with the law.

Penalties for insurance scams are severe and driving without insurance carries a heavy price as well. Drivers are required to own insurance in all states except New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

Consumers should ask their insurers about discount auto insurance for such things as a clean driving record, safe vehicle or low mileage, insurance experts say. There are other ways to save on car insurance as well.

Some 60 percent of drivers are considering turning in their current vehicles for more fuel efficient models due to the rising cost of gas, according to a survey by Kelly Blue Book.

Experts say consumers should research which models have the highest safety ratings to get a better insurance rate.

Other ways to save on insurance are raising the deductible or, for owners of older vehicles, dropping the collision coverage can also cut the premium.

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