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Connecticut joins states with PAYD discount auto

Drivers in Connecticut will now have an opportunity to qualify for discount auto insurance through a pay-as-you-drive program (PAYD) being offered by a major insurance carrier. Drivers on the program who exhibit safe driving can get discounts of up to 30 percent.

With insurance regulators having recently approved the PAYD program in Connecticut, there are now more than a dozen states offering some version of PAYD discount auto insurance.

PAYD is becoming available across the country as state insurance regulations permit it. New PAYD discount auto insurance programs have recently become available in Colorado, Texas and Nevada.

Drivers who purchase the PAYD plan are required to have a special electronic monitoring device in their car that measures how much customers drive, at what times of day and how fast.

The devices can also measure certain driving behaviors such as quick starts and stops. And drivers can check their own driving behaviors by logging onto their accounts at a website that tells them if they are on track to qualify for the discount.

PAYD programs are growing increasingly popular as a way for consumers to save money - and for insurance companies to promote safe driving habits that result in fewer claims.

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