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Insurance advice: Compare auto insurance rates to save

Some consumers are contemplating cutting back their coverage or dropping their auto insurance coverage all together in these tough times.

But insurers want consumers to know that there are viable alternatives that allow you to save money on insurance premiums without taking a dangerous risk to personal and financial security.

Many drivers may not know that driving without an insurance policy is illegal and can prove to be more costly than maintaining coverage in the first place. The cost of tickets, citations and possible vehicle impound fees would make getting caught a pricey risk.

Drivers without insurance who get in an accident could be personally liable for injuries and damages. In addition to being held liable for another person's injuries, a lack of coverage means the uninsured driver would have to cover the cost of their own medical treatment or vehicle damages.

The best solution to the problem of being unable to pay current premiums is to shop around for a better price.

Using insurance quote websites allows consumers to compare auto insurance quotes from multiple companies in one place.

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