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Cities with most road rage also have high car insurance premiums

Road rage symptoms such as driving too fast and cutting other drivers off can cause accidents, so it's not surprising that cities with the most road rage are also places with some of the most expensive car insurance premiums.

In a newly released ranking of cities with the worst road rage, New York ranked number one, after having placed third last year. Detroit was also in the top five road rage cities, according to AutoVantage, a national auto club.

New York and Detroit also have the dubious distinction of being among the most expensive places in the country to insure a car, along with Washington, DC, which was in last year's top five for worst road rage.

According to recent studies, Detroit had the highest average car insurance premium in 2007, while New York State ranked as the fourth most-expensive state for car insurance.

Although a series of factors contribute to an individual's car insurance premium, the city and state they live in is one factor insurers consider. Aggressive drivers contribute to higher insurance costs as well.

Drivers may want to think about the cost of insurance the next time they let road rage get the better of them.

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