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Car insurance premiums up 12 percent from last year

Average car insurance premiums are up by almost 12 percent from a year ago, although some consumers are faring much better than others.

According to a recent study by an insurance website, several states in the Northeast have seen rate increases. However, car insurance premiums went down in 20 states.

The national average for car insurance premiums for last month was $1,913, a 4 percent jump from April, the website reported. The survey findings are in line with another recent survey that pegged the average rate at $1,871.

States in the Northeast, including Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey all saw average car insurance premiums go up, the new survey found.

One possible explanation for the concentration of rate increases in this part of the country can be found in a recent report from a major insurance carrier that ranked states based on driver knowledge.

The company, which questioned drivers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia on the rules of the road, found that about 20 percent of drivers failed the basic test. Residents of Northeastern states had the worst average scores, while New York state drivers ranked worst in the nation.

The same test last year ranked New Jersey drivers as the least knowledgeable.

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