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Auto insurer offers free child seat inspections

This month a major auto insurance company is hosting free child seat inspections at multiple locations across Texas.

The timing is right for the inspections, due to a new law that, once signed by the governor, requires children ages four through eight to be restrained in a child safety seat system when riding in a motor vehicle unless the child is 4 feet, 9 inches tall.

State representative Joe Driver, one of 29 co-authors of the booster seat legislation, said the bill is a very important piece of legislation.

"As a legislator, insurance agent and a citizen, I believe that anything we can do to make Texas children safer should be a priority for us all," Driver said.

At the free inspection events, parents will be educated about the importance of properly buckling up their kids and the importance of infant seats, booster seats and seat belts for children riding in motor vehicles.

A representative from the auto insurance company sponsoring the events said motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of accidental death of children over age 1 in the United States, which could be a preventable tragedy with proper restraints.

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