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August 2009 Auto Insurance News

California company cuts auto insurance premium 8-31-2009
A California insurance company has announced that it is cutting the average auto insurance premium for its customers by 3.4 percent, for a total savings of $34 million. It is the second major auto insurance premium cut announced in California in the last few months.

Study suggests hybrid vehicles require higher car insurance premiums 8-30-2009
Although environmental consciousness may provide incentive to buy a hybrid vehicle, a study by an insurance services company concludes hybrid vehicle owners drive as much as 25 percent more non-commuting miles, suggesting that those vehicles may get a higher auto insurance premium.

Insurer brings pay-as-you-drive discount auto insurance to Texas 8-29-2009
A large national carrier has introduced to Texas its discount auto insurance program known as pay-as-you-drive (PAYD), which qualifies drivers for insurance savings based on driving less and safer driving habits.

Despite high profile accidents, elderly have fewer car insurance claims 8-28-2009
Massachusetts lawmakers have been considering stricter licensing requirements for drivers over age 85, after a series of traffic fatalities involving elderly drivers. But an analysis of state accident data found that elderly drivers cause a smaller share of accidents and car insurance claims than other age groups.

Study suggests auto insurance claims highest in fall 8-27-2009
Motorists tend to drive faster, drink more and drive more often for pleasure in the summer months, but a new report by the University of Michigan finds that fall is the deadliest season for drivers.

North Carolina cuts car insurance premiums 8-26-2009
Drivers in North Carolina will see a rate cut on their car insurance premium, after the state's insurance commissioner forged an agreement with insurers in the state to reduce rates by 0.5 percent. Under the settlement, drivers also get refunds for premiums paid this year.

Trading in clunkers could get you discount auto insurance 8-25-2009
The so-called cash for clunkers law recently signed by President Obama, formally known as CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System), could help consumers get discount auto insurance, but only if they buy the right type of car.

Car insurance tips: Maintain your vehicle to improve safety 8-24-2009
Drivers looking for some car insurance tips on how to save on their premium might want to consider better maintenance of their vehicle. A vehicle that is well maintained is less likely to suddenly break down or contribute to an accident, which can help you avoid costly premium increases.

Brain fitness software could reduce accidents, car insurance claims 8-23-2009
Some the country's top auto insurance companies are warning drivers that text messaging behind the wheel can be deadly. And it is increasingly illegal, as many states have moved to ban driving while texting.

Law enforcement cracking down on phony auto insurance claims 8-22-2009
Some the country's top auto insurance companies are warning drivers that text messaging behind the wheel can be deadly. And it is increasingly illegal, as many states have moved to ban driving while texting.

Auto insurance companies, physicians warn against distracted driving 8-21-2009
Some the country's top auto insurance companies are warning drivers that text messaging behind the wheel can be deadly. And it is increasingly illegal, as many states have moved to ban driving while texting.

NH proposed law could raise car insurance premium 8-20-2009
Proposed legislation in New Hampshire that would require insurers to explain how consumers' credit scores impact their car insurance premium would add costs for insurers and bring no benefit to consumers, an insurance group said.

Oklahoma e-verification of liability coverage goes live 8-19-2009
Oklahoma police officers can now verify if a driver has liability coverage electronically, simply by entering their vehicle registration into an electronic database.

Nevada auto insurer to offer pay-as-you-drive 8-18-2009
A Nevada auto insurer plans to offer consumers the option of pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) insurance, where the insurer will offer customers a discount for driving fewer miles. Several large insurance companies have been offering the plans in recent years.

Auto insurance tips: Is it time to switch to a new insurer? 8-17-2009
Several factors make this a good time to shop for new auto insurance. At the moment, insurance is relatively cheap and premiums are widely expected to go up in the next year.

Ranking lists most expensive cars for auto insurance 8-16-2009
The Nissan GT-R, a sleek sports car rated "Automobile of the Year" by Automobile Magazine, also wins the top spot for most expensive auto insurance, according to a new report.

Protect against theft to lower your car insurance premium 8-14-2009
Insurance companies like to reward drivers who take good care themselves while driving and of their vehicles when they're not. It makes sense that vehicles with anti-theft devices are eligible for a lower car insurance premium.

Taking online courses for discount auto insurance 8-13-2009
New Yorkers looking for discount auto insurance should consider taking an approved online driver education course for a 10 percent break on their premium. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has approved a number of new online course providers.

Rhode Island rejects law opposed by top auto insurance companies 8-12-2009
The Rhode Island Senate last week rejected a bill to require an independent appraisal in the repair process for vehicles with damages exceeding $2,000. Top auto insurance companies opposed the law, saying it would raise costs unnecessarily.

Safest driving cities get the best car insurance rate 8-10-2009
A study of accident rates in 200 of the largest cities by a major auto insurance company has found that Sioux Falls, North Dakota ranks as the safest driving city in the country. Not surprisingly, drivers there get one of the best car insurance rates in the country as well.

Competition allows drivers to compare auto insurance rates 8-07-2009
A new law that brought competition to the Massachusetts auto insurance market last year has had a beneficial effect on premiums. Increasingly, drivers in the state are able to compare auto insurance rates from a number of companies to find more affordable options.

California approves discount auto insurance for driving less 8-06-2009
California's department of insurance has approved new regulations to allow companies to sell discount auto insurance called pay-as-you-drive (PAYD), in which consumers only pay for the miles they drive.

Car insurance premiums: Up or down? 8-05-2008
Two car insurance premium monitoring websites have reported conflicting trends for June. One said that June car insurance premiums rose to an average of $1,884. The other found that premiums dropped more than 5 percent last month to $1,804.

Accident study shows value of liability car insurance 8-04-2009
Despite the emphasis placed by safety officials on safe driving habits, a new study shows that more than half of highway fatalities are caused by road conditions outside the driver's control, demonstrating the necessity of liability car insurance.

Average car insurance premium rose in June 8-03-2009
After four months of declining rates, the average annual car insurance premium rose in June to $1,884, according to an insurance monitoring website.

Consider vehicle type for best auto insurance rates 8-02-2009
An individual's driving record and age play a large role in determining their car insurance premium. But one factor consumers can control when looking for the best auto insurance rate is the type of vehicle they purchase.

Repair parts competition could cut car insurance premiums 8-01-09
Legislation that would guarantee consumers access to low-cost alternative collision replacement parts when repairing their vehicles could help lower insurer costs and lead to lower car insurance premiums, industry groups said.

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