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Americans unmoved by plight of U.S. automakers

The tight economy has put American consumers in a mood for savings - and the struggling U.S. auto industry is not going to win over converts just because of where the cars are built.

That appears to be the message from a recent industry survey which reported 59 percent of consumers saying that the current economy and struggles of American car manufacturers will have no impact on whether or not their next car purchase will be American.

The findings come as the fortunes of the Big Three automakers - most prominently GM and Chrysler - remain in the balance.

Earlier this month President Obama confirmed GM was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an attempt to streamline its crippling debt. At the same time he insisted on the progress made by Chrysler when it went into similar proceedings four weeks earlier.

Although the president was eager to allay the concerns of worried U.S. consumers weighing up their next car purchase, the results of last month's survey from Cars.com might give Obama grounds for optimism.

According to the research, only about 20 percent of consumers said the threat of bankruptcy of the U.S. manufacturers would likely preclude them from considering an American car at the time of their next purchase.

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