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AAA: 60 percent of drivers admit road rage

Road rage is a persistent problem that affects 60 percent of drivers, according to a 2008 survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. More than half of fatal car crashes involve some form of aggressive driving - speeding, running another driver off the road, tailgating or yelling obscenities - according to AAA.

The AAA survey found that 80 percent of respondents consider aggressive drivers to be a serious traffic safety problem. However, many of those same people said they drive aggressively, with a majority of motorists admitting to losing their temper while driving.

Relatively minor driving infractions such as changing lanes without signaling, following too closely, driving too slowly and honking at other drivers can easily escalate into potentially deadly altercations, AAA said.

The organization recommends that motorists avoid aggressive driving and aggressive drivers.

Drivers who encounter aggressive behavior on the roads should give them extra space and avoid making obscene gestures or eye contact, AAA said.

In rare cases where an aggressive driver is threatening violence, drivers should go to a safe public place to park and call police.

Finally, drivers should use relaxation techniques to curtail aggressive road rage behavior. Soothing music and deep breathing help drivers arrive at their destination in a calmer frame of mind.

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