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Auto Insurance News

Crash test results could lower Ford Taurus car insurance premium 9-30-2009
Crash tests conducted on the 2010 Ford Taurus by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) could lead to a lower car insurance premium, after the model earned a top safety rating.

Californians see another car insurance premium cut 9-29-2009
California's department of insurance has announced that another insurance provider will cut rates in the state by a total of $47.6 million, which will provide customers of the company with an average car insurance premium cut of 7 percent.

CARS wildly popular, but driver insurance requirement sticks 9-28-2009
The so-called cash for clunkers program has been so popular that Congress had to approve an additional $2 billion in funding for vouchers for the trade-in program. Yet two states worried that a requirement for proof of driver insurance would hurt some consumers.

Airbag recall shows why safety brings discount auto insurance 9-27-2009
A recent recall of the driver's airbag in certain 2001 Honda Accords and Civics due to a potential defect in the airbag's inflation system shows how important this safety equipment is for saving lives, as well as showing why insurers are happy to provide discount auto insurance for cars equipped with airbags.

Can brain fitness games help reduce car insurance premiums? 9-26-2009
Makers of brain fitness software say evidence is mounting that mental exercise can improve cognitive abilities that deteriorate over time. This is good news for older drivers and could help reduce car insurance premiums as a result of fewer accidents.

Wireless industry: Education on texting can cut accidents, car insurance claims 9-25-2009
CTIA, the association representing the wireless industry, said it supports calls by the Department of Transportation to hold a summit on texting while driving as a way to cut down on accidents and related car insurance claims.

Government, top auto insurance companies warn of distracted driving 9-24-2009
Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced a summit on the issue of distracted driving, including use of cell phones by drivers. Meanwhile, some top auto insurance companies are promoting awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

California releases new 'PAYD' discount auto insurance rules 9-23-2009
California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has announced modified regulations for a pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) discount auto insurance program, which were revised in consideration of comments from the insurance industry and consumers.

More states crack down on texting to reduce accidents, car insurance claims 9-22-2009
New laws passed in New Hampshire and Oregon raise the number of states banning text messaging while driving to a total of 16, while Oregon's law bans use of handheld phones while driving for all drivers.

How to get the best car insurance rate 9-21-2009
Recent reports indicate that the cost of car insurance is rising in 2009, but drivers shouldn't despair. Insurance experts say there are multiple ways you can find the best car insurance rate possible.

Watchdog says California initiative would raise car insurance premiums 9-20-2009
A ballot initiative in California sponsored by an insurance company chairman would legalize surcharges on car insurance premiums and penalize good drivers for accidents that aren't their fault, according to Consumer Watchdog.

New Hampshire objects to driver insurance mandate under CARS 9-19-2009
New Hampshire's Congressional delegation is asking the federal government to amend the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) program's regulations so that those who legally chose not to have driver insurance can participate in the program.

Arizona law requires proof of motor vehicle insurance 9-18-2009
Arizona has passed a law requiring drivers to provide proof of motor vehicle insurance, which lawmakers and insurance agents said would help cut down on the number of uninsured drivers on the road.

California saw jump in arsons on phony car insurance claims 9-17-2009
Fraudulent car insurance claims related to referrals for arson and vehicle theft increased by 25 percent last year in California, according to the California insurance commissioner.

Consumers make run for CARS, discount auto insurance up 9-16-2009
The federal CARS program, popularly known as "cash for clunkers," has helped boost car sales as intended. Smart consumers should be looking for discount auto insurance along for their new vehicle.

Could texting craze drive up car insurance premiums 9-15-2009
The growing proportion of Americans who report sending text messages while driving could have an adverse effect on safety, with the potential of driving up car insurance premiums due to a rise in distracted-driver accidents.

Police crackdown on theft could lower car insurance premiums 9-14-2009
A major insurance company has provided an $80,000 grant to the El Paso, Texas police department to help the department crack down on rampant auto theft in the city, which could help lower car insurance premiums for drivers in the region.

Ohio gets some of the best auto insurance 9-13-2009
Although car insurance premiums rose slightly for Ohio consumers in 2008, by an average of 0.8 percent, Ohioans still get some of the best auto insurance rates in the country.

Cash for clunkers buyers may get lower car insurance premium 9-12-2009
Consumers looking for savings on a new car through the cash for clunkers federal voucher program should also consider ways to get a lower car insurance premium to save even more.

Voice-to-texting could reduce car insurance claims 9-11-2009
Technology developed by ATX Group will allow drivers to send text messages hands-free via voice, which could reduce the amount of accidents and car insurance claims caused by distracted drivers.

Ford Focus crash test results could lower car insurance premium 9-10-2009
Crash tests conducted on 2009 two-door coupes conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) could support a move to lower the car insurance premium for the Ford Focus and Volvo C30, which earned top safety pick designations.

Insurer says discount auto insurance worth it for hybrids 9-9-2009
An auto insurance company that offers discount auto insurance for drivers of hybrid vehicles says the 10 percent discount is worth it, despite a study showing that hybrids may actually cost more in repairs.

Red light cameras may help reduce car insurance premiums 9-8-2009
A company that makes red light cameras said its technologies can help improve driver behavior and potentially lead to reduced car insurance premiums, after a district court in Missouri affirmed the legality of the cameras for traffic enforcement.

Michigan law would penalize unfair denial of car insurance claims 9-7-2009
Lawmakers in Michigan are considering a proposed law that would provide tougher penalties for insurance companies that unfairly deny health and car insurance claims, what proponents call "bad faith" denials.

Bill could allow vehicle insurance companies to suggest repair shop 9-6-2009
A bill under consideration in California's state assembly might undo some provisions of existing law that prohibit vehicle insurance companies from requiring that a vehicle be repaired at a specific auto repair shop.

Are data devices used for discount auto insurance intrusive 9-5-2009
Increasingly, insurance companies are offering discount auto insurance to drivers who voluntarily equip their vehicles with devices that record data on how the customer drives. Some consumers have expressed concerns that these companies could misuse the data they collect.

Commuters who drive mad may get higher car insurance premiums 9-4-2009
The problem of road rage is a common one in some of the country's toughest commuting cities, like Atlanta, Boston and Los Angeles. According to a survey of driving behavior in these cities, some drivers might get stuck with higher car insurance premiums due to poor habits.

After first 'cash for clunkers' sale, time to get drivers insurance 9-3-2009
As consumers begin to take advantage of the cash for clunkers federal voucher program, they will be looking to save with a new drivers insurance policy.

Used car buyers can save on their auto insurance premium 9-2-2009
More families today are looking to stretch their dollar by buying a used car instead of new. In these hard times, insurance experts say that used car buyers can also save on their auto insurance premium.

Wisconsin drivers face higher liability coverage requirements in 2010 9-1-2009
Drivers in Wisconsin would be required to have a minimum of liability coverage on their car insurance beginning in July 2010. Wisconsin will join 48 other states in requiring all drivers to carry insurance.

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