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How to Use Chip-Enabled Credit Cards Safely During Holiday Season

This holiday season, more customers than ever have debit and credit cards with EMV chips. While this may cut down on fraud, shopping may be a slower process. With these cards, consumers don't swipe, but insert the card into the machine instead. "This will be the first holiday season after the transition," said Rob Nichols... More

Credit Card Skimmer Use Is On the Rise

The police recently arrested five suspects for stealing personal information from gas pumps, prompting an official investigation of credit card skimmers. "It's crazy," said Craig VanBuren, director of the Consumer Protection Section at Michigan's Department of Agriculture. "What we're finding since August has just really ... More

How to Use Credit Cards for Holiday Savings

It's no secret that your bank account gets a bit strained during the holidays. But if you use your credit cards strategically, you can ease some of the financial burden. If you're traveling a lot for the holidays, consider using a travel rewards card. Buy your tickets with the card to rack up miles for future trips and gain ... More

Luxury Entry Doors Are Newest Trend in NYC Real Estate

In New York City, one of the biggest trends right now are luxury entry doors. These doors help to personalize an apartment and create a grander entrance. "It’s not just the front door — it’s the entrance to the apartment,” Ian Bruce Eichner, CEO of the Continuum Company. “And it’s the message you get when you ... More

Mortgage Applications On the Rise

Despite the higher interest rates of the past five months, buyers are still taking out home loans at an increasing rate. According to a survey by the Mortgage Bankers Association, mortgage applications increased 6.2 percent last week, up from the week before. "This was despite the fact that mortgage rates reached their ... More

Common Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid

High credit scores are really valuable, so it's important that you realize how to keep your score as high as possible. Don't close old credit cards. Even if they are unused, keeping credit cards open helps your utilization remain low, which is an important part of your credit score. When you're looking for an auto loan or ... More

Why Your Mail is Full of Credit Card Offers

A new Federal Reserve working paper is shedding light on credit card companies' solicitation strategies. Companies prefer to target potential borrowers based on credit score, however other data, like the amount of time since a personal bankruptcy filing, are also taken into account. "Interestingly, several socioeconomic ... More

Avoid Credit Card Traps During the Holidays

Credit card companies make it easy for consumers to borrow money for the holiday season, but there are a few things you should be on the lookout for. Many store credit cards provide a discount on the purchases you make on the day you open up the card. But interest rates are usually very high on store credit cards. Also, a ... More

Warren Buffett Purchases Dallas Real Estate Firm

Warren Buffett recently bought Allie Beth Allman & Associates, a real estate firm in Dallas which specializes in luxury properties. "Allie Beth Allman & Associates is a strong company with an exceptional reputation in a growth market," said Ron Peltier, chairman and CEO of HomeServices of America Inc., an affiliate ... More

How Your Parents Can Help With Your Mortgage

Some lenders are now letting parents help their children qualify for huge mortgages by co-signing. Ray Rodriguez, regional mortgage sales manager for TD Bank in Cherry Hill, N.J., said that his bank allows parents to co-sign because it makes the loan more secure. Another option is to have parents give a gift to use for the ... More